How do I portion it?
Who does it? Is there anyone brave enough to do it?

It’s always a nerve racking moment for whoever is cutting the cake, especially if it’s one of these tall ones, to slice the portions whole and perfect. But truth to be told: unveil the mystery, cut the cake and see what it looks like inside, it´s one of THE moments of the celebration.

But don’t worry, here are some tips so that when the time comes, you won’t hesitate to be the one to cut the cake!

  • Use a tall Chef-style knife to cut and use a pastry scoop to lift and separate the portion. If you don’t have the shovel, use another knife, wide enough, to remove the portion to the outside.
  • Always help yourself from the side with the knife you have used to cut: holding the portion on the side and following the movement that the shovel will make when removing it from the base to the plate where it will be served. In this way, you will remove it intact and ensure that it does not collapse and disassemble.
  • Be sure to clean the knife you use to cut the cake. Every couple of slices, clean it so that you can continue to slice more comfortably.
  • Do not leave the cake out of the refrigerator too long before slicing. For cakes with creams like this one, it is much easier to portion them when they are cold.
  • Take your time. Yes, everyone wants to eat cake … and that generates a certain level of stress when it’s our turn to be the Official Cake Server. You are not doing open-heart surgery, but it is best not to go in a hurry as if it were a competition to see who can slice the cake the fastest. Breathe and everything will be fine!