The food we eat every day is of vital importance since it will be part of our body’s fuel. My goal is to offer delicious products that nourish you, made with the noblest ingredients. That is why I work with the correct activation of ingredients, such as seeds and cereals, for a better absorption of their properties; I elaborate baked goods with natural fermentations and I do not use refined white sugar, industrial margarines or artificial colorings in my creations.


Nom Nom Craft Bakery products are all plant based, between 80% and 100% of the ingredients are sustainably produced, prioritizing as much as possible, local, seasonal and national production.

Yes, many products are directly gluten-free and many others can be modified for people who choose not to eat gluten.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination in the bakery where I work with my products that do contain gluten. That is why for people who have celiac disease, I can not guarantee and offer them products suitable for consumption.

For a person with diabetes, I can offer reduced sugar products made with low glycemic index sugars (such as agave syrup or coconut sugar) and natural sugars (using the natural sweetness found in the pulp of some fruits and vegetables). In any case, it is advisable to first consult a doctor about whether they are allowed to consume this type of products.

It will depend on the product and how big the final order is.
Special events and wedding cakes, minimum one or two months in advance. For cakes and tarts from the classic menu, it is ideal to order at least 7 days in advance of the delivery date.
However, there are times when orders can be accommodated with less time but I recommend to place your order with as much time in advance as possible, this way you guarantee that your order can be done because many times the calendar is full and I can’t take more orders.

Occasionally yes, but orders placed at short notice are subject to a surcharge.

Orders can be picked up in Cas Capiscol area in Palma. Depending on the availability of both parties, a delivery service can be arranged. Such delivery, will have an additional cost depending on how far from Palma has to be done.

For orders of cakes from the traditional menu it is necessary to make a deposit of 50% of the total value of the order through bank transfer or Paypal once the customer has decided his order. For wedding cakes, if the client wants to secure the date, it will be necessary to make a deposit of 30% within 3 months prior to the date of the celebration.

Yes, you can ask what savory options are available or if you have a particular idea, let me know so I can see if it can be done.

Yes, of course! You can contact me if you are planning to organize a single breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner or if you are interested in having me cooking for a one-day event -or several- such as a yoga retreat or a weekend getaway.